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The Opportunity Council and the Whatcom County Health Department published the 2019 Point-In-Time (PIT) which is the annual snapshot of homelessness in our community. This count took place during the week of January 21st.

The count during this one week showed that there were 515 households comprised of 700 individuals who spend the night homeless in Whatcom County. That is equivalent to half theĀ population of the town of Sumas.

The PIT Count Report also highlighted elevated rates of homelessness for people of color and people with disabilities.

Even though the report showed a decline from 2018, the number of homeless individuals the report shows for the one week it was conducted is alarming.

As a community, we should expect our elected officials to do all they can to combat homelessness. It is our moral obligation to look after one another.

This is not a problem that is exclusive to one city. It affects all of our respective communities within the County.

If elected to the County Council, I will work with the public and private organizations and with Whatcom County Coalition to end homelessness in our community.

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