Substance Abuse

There are two contributing factors when it comes to homelessness. They are substance abuse and jobs. There is a third one which is choice, but that’s a hard one to tackle. We all have free agency, but those choices should not affect others.

I will address in this post the first cause mentioned. We see an alarming number of people choosing to walk down the path of substance abuse. This path leads many to losing their employment, family and friends, health problems, and homelessness. Without family and friends, these individuals caught in this challenge do not have the support needed to get their lives back on track. The government is not the fix, but should act as the means to work with organizations who dedicate themselves in educating and helping people become free from their dependencies. The organizations the government works with need to be those that a large percentage of their funds go into the program and not for the salaries of the executives.

The next role the government can provide is to enforce strict laws against those who distribute illegal drugs. We have far too many people who are incarcerated for use while the distributors don’t serve time because they have the money. The legal system needs to be fixed.

If elected, I will be that voice on the council for change. We have a moral obligation to help those who want it and educate those who need it.

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  • David Ramirez
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